Thursday, March 13, 2008

Nature Rules The Climate

Nature, Not Human Activity, Rules the Climate

NYC Climate Conference Further Debunks ‘Consensus’ Claims

Written by George Landrith
Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Climate Skeptics Reveal ‘Horror Stories’ of Scientific Suppression

Scientists skeptical of man-made climate fears meeting at the 2008 International Conference on Climate Change in New York City described the “absolute horror stories” about how some scientific journals have engaged in “outrageous and unethical behavior” in attempting to suppress them from publishing their work in peer-reviewed journals. The March 2-4 groundbreaking conference, which featured about 100 speakers with over 500 people attending, presented the report of a team of international scientists who formed a group to counter the UN IPCC.

The event, which garnered significant international and U.S. media attention, featured many current and former UN IPCC scientists from around the world. The international climate conference built on the momentum of growing number of skeptics as the conference showcased a new report by a team of international scientists who formed a group to counter the UN IPCC called the “Nongovernmental International Panel of Climate Change” (NIPCC). The skeptical scientist report was titled “Nature, Not Human Activity, Rules the Climate.”

Key findings of the NIPCC’s climate findings:

(1) Most of climate change is caused by natural forces.
(2) The human contribution is not significant.
(3) Solar-activity changes are the main cause of climate change.

Climate Scientist Dr. S. Fred Singer, former director the US Weather Satellite Service and past vice chairman of the U.S. National Advisory Committee on Oceans and Atmosphere, told the conference that the IPCC “chose to ignore these facts, because they conflicted with the conclusion that global warming is anthropogenic (man-made).
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