Friday, August 3, 2007


Back in the mid 80's I had been laying around doing almost
nothing and my weight shot up to 226 pounds. I decided to
go back to work and applied for a job as a Corrections Officer
in a Texas maximum security prison, so I had to lose some
of that excess weight. I started eating only one meal a day
usually consisting of a sandwitch with lots of lettuce and
tomatoes and a small piece of lunchmeat and a handful of
Fritos and all the sweet cold tea I could drink. In four months
I started the training academy at 160 pounds. So I know this
is true:

Obese? That's because you eat too much, says top doctor.

The obese are being treated as if they have a medical problem
when often they simply eat too much and exercise too little,
a leading doctor has said.

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