Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More Global Warming

Blonde Sagacity: Global Warming Update:
Um, I'd like some please. It's AUGUST and I am wearing a hoodie as I type this. Sixty degrees in AUGUST. Looking for the polar ice caps? Well, it seems they're here in Philly...

Blonde Sagacity: The Dangers Of The Dangers Of Global Warming
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Global Warming Strikes Again
Posted by Tammy Bruce
August 21, 2007 05:43 PM

God help us all.

Arctic August: NYC Sets Record For Coldest Day
(CBS) NEW YORK Don't forget to bundle up if you're headed out in New York City today. After all, it is August 21. The city along with the rest of the tri-state region is feeling the chilly effect of a cold front sweeping through the region, accompanied by cool rain showers.
Tuesday's high temperature in Central Park was just 59 degrees. The normal high for today is 82 degrees. The normal low is 67.


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